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Gardening Services London SEFAN Ltd.Your garden in need of care, hedges need trimming, grass needs attention? SEFAN Ltd. own gardening crews, with more than 15 years of experience and full certification, can aid you any way possible. For a competitive price, you’ll get a professional’s assistance and enjoy:

  • Expertly manicured lawns
  • Fully equipped gardeners
  • Tree surgery and pruning
  • Professional landscaping
  • Deposit free booking

Let us help you achieve your vision, call 020 3746 4253 and ask for our professional gardening crew. We work with your vision and plans in mind, working towards achieving your dream garden or lawn. Before booking, get a free quote online or by calling us.

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We work efficiently, using only the best pesticides, materials and maintenance equipment to guarantee the best results possible. Working closely with you, we can make your dream garden be a reality, and not only open up room for recreational activities but also provide important maintenance. We can also provide you with patio cleaning, gutter cleaning and window cleaning available.

Ivy and Hedge Pruning

Ivies, while quite beautiful at times, can also disrupt the plant life around them. As an invasive, crawling, parasitic species ivies can smother trees and the plants around them. This renders the garden dead and desolate, though not quite. Ivies can be used to decorate a home, however, if left to their own devices they can ruin brickwork. Our job is to keep them in check and make sure they do no disrupt the growth of hedges, trees or other plants in the garden.

Lawn Maintenance

The lawn can be the pride of a household, so we take extra care in preserving it or manicuring it in a way that will fit your vision. Lawn maintenance includes the removal of any weeds, the trimming of grass, patchwork where is needed and the scheduling of watering. Some types of grass do require a special fertiliser and we are prepared to use it if necessary.

Tree Surgery and Pruning

Trees are the heart of a garden, but can also be a burden to the plant-life bellow them soaking up sunlight important minerals. We are capable of removing small to medium branches up to 12 feet in height, cutting down trees and pruning. Tree surgery requires knowledge of the anatomy of a tree, expertise which only the finest of botanists and gardeners know, expertise which our gardeners have. Any refuse and leftovers can be transported away from the premise and disposed of responsibly.

Expert Gutter Cleaning

Do you know that malfunctioning Gutters and downpipes are the most serious reason for water damage in the UK? That's why regular gutter cleaning is required. Don't worry - you don't have to do it by yourself. Hire our trained and vetted cleaners to take care of this task. They will come to your property with a powerful wet vacuum cleaning machine and take care of your gutters in no time. We provide emergency services, so call SEFAN Ltd. call center team today and make a booking!

SEFAN Ltd. Expert Gardening in the UK

We are able to do a wide scope of garden and backyard work, including three surgery and removal, replanting, lawn care and reseeding, watering, hedge trimming, ivy pruning and safe removal, planting, pathway and fence building and quite a lot more.

Gardening Services London SEFAN Ltd.You can call us at any time, while we can give you an estimation over the phone, the actual quote will be given upon persona inspection from the gardening crew. If available, we use an access door as not to drag any dirt or filth into your home. Once on location, we can quote you for the full price of the project, depending if there is going to be construction or refurbishment of patios and so forth.

The crew can start work straight away, without a delay, as they bring all the needed equipment with them. We are able to remove up to 180 deciliters of rubbish and garden refuse free of charge, with additional loads being charged extra.

Booking Professional Gardening in the UK

Give us a call anytime, dial 020 3746 4253 or book using the booking form. Get a quote on your order or book the best gardeners in the United Kingdom.