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Waste Removal London SEFAN Ltd.Do you have trash you want to get rid off, rubble that needs removal? Call SEFAN Ltd. staple rubbish removal service in the United Kingdom and get any amount of unwanted belongings removed from your premise with unprecedented efficiency. We work cleanly and with convenience in mind, so feel free to call and enjoy:

  • Free quote upon request
  • Flexible booking hours
  • Deposit free removal
  • Affordable rates
  • Full insurance coverage

Our goal is to help you as much as we can, so we tailor our service to your needs. We can dispose of any amount of trash, rubble, building material, furniture or electronics for you, and we can do it efficiently at affordable rates. Simply call 020 3746 4253 and get your free quote today.

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Electronics and Kitchen Appliance Removal

We can come and separately deal with any electronics or kitchen appliances regardless of the size or amount. Quote us the size and amount and we will come prepared, and give you a final, on-sight price estimation. If you are satisfied we pick the rubbish up, if you feel like its too much no harm done. All electronics and kitchen appliances like ovens and microwaves require a special disposal method, which is charged additionally by the dump. All additional disposal charges are covered by the client, they will be included in the final price.

For an Efficient Rubbish Removal

Call SEFAN Ltd. for a hassle-free removal process, no leftovers or marks, we work cleanly and efficiently. All of the picked up refuse, rubble, construction material, gardening equipment, twigs and such, will be disposed responsibly and at no risk to the environment.

While this is a pickup service, we can also help you with the removal of rubbish from inside your home. Upon calling specify that you need help and the price of our help will be added to the quote of the service. We charge per weight, and load and not on an hourly basis, so you won’t have to worry about the time it takes.

Furniture Removal

Once you call with an order for furniture removal and give us information on the general volume of the lot, we adjust and send the corresponding lorry and crew size. Generally we send up to 2 people, however, bigger projects might require more manpower, which we are more than glad to supply. We can remove all kinds of furniture from inside and outside of properties, as long as they are relatively easily accessible. It is recommended that the furniture is disassembled prior to our arrival as it saves time and volume when in the truck or lorry. We can dismantle and disassemble furniture, though at an extra fee. After all, has been removed, we sweep after ourselves and drive the refuse to the dump where it is disposed accordingly.

How the Professionals in the UK Do It

Waste Removal London SEFAN Ltd.Our team is available during weekends and bank holidays. Call and book us anytime and we will be there to help any way we can. When you are contacting us for any removal, you need to give us an estimate of the amount and type of rubbish we are removing. Some electronic appliances like fridges, microwaves, and freezers require special disposal.

Twigs, leafs, branches and other garden type refuse can be picked up and safely disposed of, we can also remove garden and lawn fixtures, furniture and other artificial rubbish. We are also capable of removing even soil, fences, hedge trimmings, plants, pots and anything garden related. When calling simply mention and describe the amount that is to be removed and we’ll have you covered.

Booking SEFAN Ltd. Professional Rubbish Removal

To get us to come, call and book a removal at any time of the day, during weekends and even bank holidays. Dial 020 3746 4253 and get a crew of expert removers to get you rid of all of the unwanted junk and refuse. NO deposit, upfront payments or hidden fees.