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Pest Control Services London SEFAN Ltd.Bugs and vermin troubling you and you want them gone now? Well SEFAN Ltd. can help you with your pest control and removal problems after only one call. Our team has been working with pests, vermin, bugs, insects, mice and squirrels and is proficient in their extermination and full removal. Schedule with us and enjoy:

  • No compromises pest removal
  • Trained and vetted personnel
  • Family safe techniques
  • Convenient booking times
  • Reasonable prices

Let us help you, call us at 020 3746 4253 and let us rid you of any pests, vermin and unwanted critters scurrying around your property. Landlords, tenants, homeowners and property managers get preferential prices and discounts if they book additional treatments along with our professional pest control in the United Kingdom.

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Get The Best Pest Control in the UK

There is only one sure way to get rid of pests like bed bugs, flies, fleas and rodents – schedule with SEFAN Ltd. expert pest control team. We have all the proper certification and more than 15 years of experience in the filed, our team is capable of dealing with small to medium even large infestations.

Proper Pest Control in the UK

Our technicians have full PEST removal and control certification and have gone through training. All of the supplies, equipment and chemicals we use are provided by an official UK provider, we’ve made sure to get the best. We have an expertise in the removal, relocation and extermination of several different species, from crawling to flying insects, rodents and even pigeons.

Rodent control - Rats, mice and squirrels are the most common rodent to trouble UK populations. We tend to choose the non-lethal rout, however, if the infestation is too severe we resort to more permanent solutions. Rodents can chew through pretty much anything, with rats being able to chew through concrete and rebar. For removal we set up non-lethal traps, patch up any holes we see and remove the food source. If you’ve booked a follow up visit we can remove them for you, otherwise you have to do it on your own.

Pest Control Services London SEFAN Ltd.Bee and wasp control - Bees can be a bother, but more often than not they are friendly and mind their own business. Being an endangered species we do not exterminate bees, but relocate their entire hive. We consult with a local beekeeper as to where and how we can relocate them safely, the bees are put to sleep with safe smoke and relocated without any damage. Wasps on the other hand are a menace and free to be killed. They can dwell in crawls spaces, attics, underneath roofs and in threes. We locate them, spray the according poisons and remove the entire hive.

Ant control - Despite popular belief, ant colonies are almost always located outside, meaning they find a way inside your property. Our initial inspection serves to determine the source of food they are after, where they are coming from and the location of their colony. After all 3 have been established we remove the food source, plug any holes and apply a white granulated poison on their trail back to the colony. Ants thing its food and bring it back for storage killing of not only the workers but the entire population. This gets rid of any current infestations, though to lower the chance of new ones, abstain from having open food containers and leftovers out in the open.

Booking Professional Pest Control in the UK

Call 020 3746 4253 to book us, our customer support, feel free to contact us at any time. We can accommodate your needs, give you advice on how to DIY pest control and even come out on the weekends and bank holidays.