Professional Oven & Kitchen Cleaning Services in the UK

Oven Cleaning Services London SEFAN Ltd.Are you looking for an affordable and reliable oven cleaning service in the United Kingdom, then SEFAN Ltd. is the one for you. We have the right combination of professionalism, know-how and dedication, allowing us to deliver the finest oven cleaning at affordable prices, even at a short notice. Give us a call and we can set up:

  • A convenient for you time of cleaning
  • Proper, bio degradable detergents
  • No deposits or additional fees
  • Discounts for commercial and domestic clients

We have the ability to clean commercial kitchens, professional ovens as well as single stoves, barbeques, microwaves, gas hobs, electric hob cleaning, Aga cookers, Rayburn Range cookers, Stanley Range cookers and many more. Give us a call and get your money’s worth, call 020 3746 4253 for a perfect cleaning experience.

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Why You Should Choose SEFAN Ltd.

As a renowned oven cleaning company, we are capable of standing up to our name and the expectations that come with it. To continue our great work for the people of (region name), we take extra care when on a project, sending only vetted and educated cleaners. All of our staff speak English and are directly employed by us after a rigorous screening process and a training month. We are available all week, even weekends and bank holidays. Early morning cleaning also available at regular prices.

How We Clean Your Ovens and Stoves

Upon arrival we inspect the oven to be cleaned and upon inspection are able to give you a final quote, you can opt out of the cleaning or you can take our offer and enjoy the finest cleaning in the United Kingdom.

Most ovens are full of greasy residue which can ruin the taste of food and make the oven operate not as optimally as it could otherwise. We have special detergents, under the counter products that will guarantee precise cleaning. They are not available for commercial use due to the complexity of usage, and require some training to guarantee proper results. If you are looking for a grill cleaning we take out the grill part of the oven and scrub it down using special aluminum brushes which do not scratch the grill but allow us to fully remove any sticky residue left on it. Using a degreasing agent we are able to fully remove any gunk leftover on the grill and make it shine like new. All of the solutions implemented in the cleaning of your oven are safe for usage, non-toxic solutions which have been optimized for home use.

Oven Cleaning Services London SEFAN Ltd.For complete oven cleaning we take all moving parts out and using a steam jet we blast loose most of the gunk. For a deep cleaning our experts use a degreasing agent with deep dirt cutting capabilities, allowing us to remove even the oldest of grease deposits. The process is suited for both household and commercial ovens as we are able to quickly and efficiently dissolve and extract any amount of grease in and outside of the oven. For the window of the oven door we use a none abrasive compound enabling us to gently remove any stains and grease spots on it. For deeper cleaning we can even take the window out and clean it even further, however, this depends on your oven model.

Booking SEFAN Ltd. in the UK

Get the best oven cleaning in the United Kingdom, save time and money, go with the experts by calling 020 3746 4253. We also have a booking form located on the booking page, submit one and get a call back from our team. You can schedule weeks in advance or in a short notice, if teams are available. No deposit or extra fees apply, all prices and included in the final amount due.