Professional Hard Floor Cleaning Services in the UK

Hard Floor Cleaning Services London SEFAN Ltd.Hard floors are an investment, take care of your investment and get the finest hard floor maintenance in the United Kingdom for a reasonable price. We’ve working with UK residents for over 12 years, and we’ve managed to make more than 7000 of them happy. Be one of our happy customers and enjoy:

  • Thorough hard floor cleaning
  • Expert technicians and equipment
  • Deposit and cancellation fee free service
  • Quality cleaning guaranteed
  • Full floor sanitation

Working with the best technicians in the business, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our cleaning. To book us call 020 3746 4253, ask for a free quote and information on deals, offers and how to save time and money with us.

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Take Care of Your Hard Floors, Get SEFAN Ltd.

With us you won’t have to worry about stained floors, sticky surfaces or dull spots. Our team is capable of fully removing and reapplying protective coatings, removing uneven spots and maintaining the beauty of all kinds of hard flooring. All of this is done safely and without hassle.

Slate and Grout Floor Cleaning

This treatment includes the cleaning of abrasive surfaces such as natural stone, mosaics, grouted surfaces and tiles. These surfaces are extremely resilient, rarely require maintenance and are hard to get dirty. The problem with abrasive surfaces like these is the dips and uneven spots where dirt and grime can accumulate over time. This accumulation won’t be noticeable until it’s too late and it’s too had to get rid of without professional help and equipment. To remove bacterial colonies, mould and gunk stuck on stone slabs we use several professional methods to effectively capture and contain the filth. By emulsifying the surface then using a low pressure point with high heat we are able to turn the solid filth into slurry which is then extracted using a vacuum method. To protect the surface we use a sealant which impregnates it, acting as a barrier between grime and the stone.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Wood floors are usually quire resilient, however, they are a softer material than stone and granite and tend to get damaged even if treated properly. Before we do anything we inspect the seal of the wood, check for the polish. If the protective layer is undamaged and ha bee applied properly we only clean the surface. However, if the protective layer is damaged, it’s highly likely that filth has reached the grain. To remove stains from wood we have to remove the varnish, sand the wood down and reapply all of the appropriate protective layers. 

Professional Hard Floor Cleaning and Polishing Services

Hard Floor Cleaning Services London SEFAN Ltd.We work with hardwood floors, tiled floors, granite slabs and tiles and can maintain and enhance the beauty of your floors. The service is hourly based, you get charged for the personnel and how long you’ve booked them for. A usual cleaning crew consists of two people, however, if the job requires it we can send up to 5 professionals. We are offering professional slate and stone floor cleaning, with preferential prices for commercial customers and landlords available upon booking a second treatment.

Booking Hard Floor Cleaning in the UK

Use the booking form located on the website, or you can contact us at 020 3746 4253. You can enquire about this service, its treatments and even get a quote. Demand information about additional services and how to save time and money with SEFAN Ltd.