Professional Handyman Services in the UK

Handyman Services SEFAN Ltd.Need a light bulb changed, a light fixture removed and changed or some plumbing done? SEFAN Ltd. has just the right service for you. We are a professional handyman service provider, tell us your handyman needs, we’ll send the right specialists to can get it done in no time. Call any time and enjoy:

  • Fully certified specialist
  • Multi-skilled personnel
  • Multiple services booked discount
  • Odd-jobs done properly
  • Full insurance coverage

We have the proper specialists for your needs, give us a call at 020 3746 4253 and schedule a visit from our handyman. No deposits or additional charges, the service is hour based. Call anytime you need help with even the oddest of jobs, hassle and worry free.

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Getting a Reliable Handyman Service in the UK

The handymen we send out are capable of a variety of other things, from plumbing jobs, outdoor and indoor painting and decoration and even suspended ceiling hanging. They bring all of the required equipment with them, including ladders, hammers, and safety gear. Any and all work done in and outside is covered by our comprehensive insurance.

Electrical Work

We have tradesmen who are capable of doing electrical work like rewiring of rooms and total house rewiring. There are jobs that even the most skilled handyman cannot do, so we are prepared to provide you with a specialist to finish the job. If the job is quick and requires no specialised labour, the handyman can handle it. However, if whole property electrical system rewiring is in order a specialist needs to be present for the job. Our experts can give you tips for the service.


Odd-jobs are little tasks around the house that do not require a lot of or any skill, like furniture moving, uncloaking of toilets and so forth. All of our handymen are capable of doing odd-job at small charges. Keep in mind that we quote you for the labour, however, any fees accumulate by the handyman during his visit like parking tickets and so forth will be charged to you.

Proper Handyman Work in the UK

Our specialists and handymen are capable of doing decorations, plumbing, from rewiring to complete home rewiring. We can do appliance cleaning and fixing, unlocking toilets, installation of light fixtures, carpentry and even outdoor and indoor painting. All of our workers are multi-skilled, capable of doing several jobs, though we also have specialists who can pay closer attention to things like kitchen remodels, painting, electrical rewiring and appliances maintenance.

Handyman Services SEFAN Ltd.Give us a call, describe your handyman needs and we’ll send the right man for the job. Based on the description of the problem we can quote you an accurate price according to the hours the handyman has been booked for. Viewings for jobs that will take longer than one day get a free viewing from a surveyor. Projects like a kitchen remodel usually take several days during which we can arrange for additional personnel to help out.

Booking SEFAN Ltd. Handyman Service in the UK

We are available for booking 7 days of the week, weekends and holidays. To schedule a visit from a handyman, call 020 3746 4253 or use the booking form located on the website. While on the phone give us as much information as possible, this allows us to send the right man for the job.