Professional One Off & Regular Cleaning Services in the UK

General Cleaning Services SEFAN Ltd.Looking for a reliable cleaning service that can help you in a pinch, whether for regular cleaning, spring or a one time deal? SEFAN Ltd. is a staple for cleaning perfection in the United Kingdom region and would like to offer you professional help whatever your cleaning needs may be. If you join us today you will enjoy:

  • Discounted prices for multiple bookings
  • Professional, accommodating attitude
  • Additional fee and deposit free booking
  • Constant supervision and quality control

We can clean on a regular basis or do a one time job, either way you get the finest cleaning in the region at reasonable prices, with no additional fees. All you have to do to book is call 020 3746 4253, specify your needs and we will recommend the appropriate method.

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Domestic Cleaning

Our domestic cleaning service covers the cleaning of a specific aspect of your home, if you need your kitchen cleaned on Thursday at 10 am, we can be there and do that for you on a regular basis. The service is hourly based, meaning that our cleaners will focus on priorities set by you, trying to clean them all. You only pay for the time the cleaner is booked, with the option for us to bring additional cleaning supplies and specialised detergents for an extra 13 GPB. You can book this service at any time, on a daily, weekly, monthly or even a fortnightly basis. We have a flexible booking, with short notice availability, weekend and bank holiday visits. All of our cleaners are vetted, police checked with constant quality control to ensure the best results possible.

Our Cleaning Services in the United Kingdom

We’ve made an effort to accommodate the needs of all of our customers and we are offering solutions to your cleaning problems.

Reasons Why you Should Book SEFAN Ltd. in the UK

As a veteran cleaning company, with more than 10 years of experience in the business, we are able to thoroughly remove all sorts of stains and do it in a timely manner. All of our cleaners go through a training seminar to guarantee their competence when on the job, with regular quality checks for your own convenience. Our dedicated team is available from 5:00 am until 23:30 pm each weekday, weekend and even bank holidays.

Spring Cleaning

General Cleaning Services SEFAN Ltd.We have a special one-off and spring cleaning service which covers the cleaning of your entire home. This treatment has been optimised to fit the needs of clients who are moving out or moving into a new location and want it spotless. It can also help with after renovation cleaning, capable of removing the heavy dust from construction work, etc. The service is based on an hourly basis and you pay for the time it takes our team to clean.

Before cleaning we work out a plan which suits your needs and will fit your standards of cleaning. The plan will detail what we clean and how long it will take us to do so, with an accurate quote on the price based on the estimated time of cleaning. You can regularly book this treatment, to guarantee a spotless home each month, or you can book us as a one time service, either way, you are getting your money’s worth.

Booking SEFAN Ltd. Cleaning Services

To book our service or acquire about any of the treatments, call 020 3746 4253 and our team will make sure to help you out any way they can. Book anytime, free of charge, use the booking form to ask questions and inquire about our treatments or prices.