Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: How much time should I wait till the carpet gets fully dry?

A: The answer depends on the type of your carpet – the material, the level of indoor humidity, the climate in your region, the airflow and the cleaning procedure that has been done. Usually, the carpet gets dry within 3-8 hours. To minimise this duration, air the premise. If you want to make the carpet usable faster, our technicians can install air-movers for faster drying at a reasonable fee. Make sure, you include this service in your reservation.


Q: When does the carpet become usable?

A: Till the carpet is not ready to step on it, you can use the overshoes our technicians leave. Make sure you do not slip on the damp carpet and wait for the surface to fully dry before stepping. Otherwise, you will soil the wet fibers.


Q: Is it ok for me to try to remove the stains on my own?

A: If you do so, please, make sure you apply professional detergent. Also, make sure you read all of our cleaning tips and you reach our consultants for more expert assistance. To pre-treat the carpet before our technicians come, you can vacuum off and hover the affected area.


Q: What if a bad stain appears on my carpet? Should I do something before the cleaners come?

A: Do not worry. Read all of our tips for carpet cleaning and if something is troubling you or you doubt what to do, reach our consultants for additional help.


Q: Are you able to remove all of the stains?

A: With a great experience in the field and a professional equipment of the most modern tools and effective detergents we can promise you to do everything we can to remove all of the stains. However, some of them might be too old or stubborn. Make sure you inform us about the dirt level of your carpet in advance, so we can give you the correct guarantees about the stains.


Q: What is the recommendation for the most appropriate frequency for carpet cleaning?

A: The answer depends on the availability and the types of the stain, the location of the carpet and the stain protector, if such is applied. Usually, manufacturers suggest carpet owners to have professional carpet cleaning at least once per year.


Q: How about applying stain protective products – is it recommended?

A: Once our technicians come, they will inform you whether the treatment is right, or not. However, such products are quite recommended not only against spots, but also for easier pre-treatment with the vacuum cleaner and for safer carpet hygiene maintenance.


Q: If once treated the previous time, should the stains be again treated the next time?

A: Yes, they should. It is recommended for the start of each carpet cleaning procedure.


Q: Do you use toxic cleaning detergents?

A: We clean everything – even the hardest and oldest stains. Our secret is the pack of effective, but 100% risk-free and non-chemical cleaning detergents. However, in case of any allergy, make sure you inform us about it, so we can fully adjust the cleaning equipment to your special condition.


Q: What are the cleaning techniques you provide?

A: We can offer you expert and deep steam cleaning, which is a hot-water-based method with extraction, as well as dry cleaning with almost zero application of water and liquids. We also provide foam and solvent cleaning, as well as application of stain protector to keep the carpet clean for longer period of time.


Q: Is the cleaning procedure risky for kid or pet?

A: Every cleaning procedure we execute is fully conducted to the standard safety precautions. All of our cleaning products are tested and showed no harmful effect either on people, or on the entire healthy living space. However, make sure the kids are away from the damp carpet or rugs till they fully dry. This safety measure is established to avoid accidents and slips.


Q: What are your working hours?

A: We provide you cleaning services 365 days per year – with no exception for weekends and holidays, which are, though, with special cleaning teams. Thus, you can take benefits of our carpet cleaning services round the whole week and year!


Q: What else besides carpet cleaning do you offer?

A: We can provide you a full range of cleaning services – including mattress cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning, general cleaning, hard floor cleaning and many other additional special services like anti-static carpet treatment, bed bug removal from carpets and mattresses, as well as jet washing.


Q: Are your technicians vetted and insured?

A: Each of our technicians has a full insurance. Also, we do check all of the workers we hire – for background experience and skills. All of our cleaners are vetted and expertly trained.


Q: Is there any guarantee for the service?

A: What we usually aim is to satisfy our customers. In case of any omissions, we are ready to correct them.


Q: Is it possible for me to pick up the date and the duration for the procedure?

A: Yes, it is. Depending on the traffic and the procedure, we are able to name you exact time for the technicians to arrive.


Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Give us a call and ask for answers. Our kind and polite consultants will be glad to help you and to give you a free quote.