Professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Services in the UK

As an affordable end of lease cleaning company, we are able to thoroughly clean entire properties in just a matter of hours. Expert teams of cleaners, equipped with the finest cleaning tools and detergents, work hard towards securing your bond back. We would be happy if you became a part of our team, you’d enjoy:

  • End of Tenancy Cleaning Services London SEFAN Ltd.Weekend and evening cleaning slots
  • Quality job assurance
  • No more additional fees or deposits
  • Security bond back guarantee
  • Full insurance coverage

To book your End of Tenancy cleaning, dial 020 3746 4253, end your tenancy with a smile and book the finest cleaning service in the United Kingdom. We work fast and efficiently, securing the satisfactory results of tenants and landlords alike.

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Deposit Back Cleaning Service in the UK

Wet rooms, kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned first as those take the longest. We focus on the floors, walls, tiles and ceilings, fixtures, mirrors and glasses. A full cleanup of doors and door handles is in order, with full removal of any fingerprints or grease marks. We are able to perform wall spot removal, though this has to be done upon request and at extra charge as it does require some expertise. Moving down the checklist we treat all floors, including carpets.

Carpeting, depending on the fibers, we clean with hooves and wet vacs which allow us to reach deeper and draw all of the filth out. We can move furniture to reach the spots underneath them, however, all within reason. Heavy wardrobes and the like need to be moved beforehand for easier access to the dirt bellow. In the kitchen we clean from the top to bottom, beginning with inside and out cupboard clean up.

The insides are dusted, with any leftover products being donated or thrown out. The outside of the cupboards are dusted, with special attention to the handles and the removal of any greasy fingerprints. We clean inside the fridge, throw away any leftover food and wipe down the outside of the fridge. The sink is left spotless with all leftover food particles being discarded. The bins are cleaned and wiped down, light switches and fixtures are dusted and wiped clean as well.

Professional End of Tenancy Company in the UK

End of Tenancy Cleaning Services London SEFAN Ltd.To begin cleaning the premise needs to be fully vacated, if there are personal belongings or someone still living there we can only perform a one-off cleaning service. Once the premise is vacated we start working on the checklist. This service is not hour based, as the proper and total cleaning of an entire house may take sometimes days. We work until the job is fully done, with several cleaning teams working at once sometimes around the clock. Using specialised equipment we are able to properly clean not only floors but also countertop surfaces all around the house.

How SEFAN Ltd. Performs End of Tenancy Cleaning in the UK

As an end of lease cleaning company we are tasked with the full cleaning of households, flats, single rooms or entire houses. We perform deposit back cleaning for people who are moving out and want their security deposit back. To ensure the best results possible we work with a tenant and landlord approved check list.

Booking End of Tenancy Cleaning in the UK

To book our fantastic EOT cleaning service, give us a call at 020 3746 4253 and schedule a convenient for you time and date. We can accommodate the needs of landlords, property owners and tenants, give us a call and get preferential prices and deals on multiple services booked.