SEFAN Ltd. Detergents and Products

Below, SEFAN Ltd. is introducing you in details our top-notched and decent cleaning equipment. The information is composed of the main products and detergents we use, including brand names and functions.

100% Eco-Friendly Cleaning Policy

We would like to inform you that SEFAN Ltd. has worked with eco-friendly and risk-free cleaning equipment from the very first day of our practice. We have accepted the non-hazard and organic cleaning policy in order to ensure our consumers not only the most precise cleaning results, but also to keep their kid- and pet-friendly environment secured and fresh. All of the cleaning products and detergents we apply – regardless the cleaning service or the procedure – are made of safe and natural components with zero risk for your health. We have adopted tested and certified biodegradable and non-toxic natural cleaning solutions in correspondence to the traditional and the newest standards in today`s cleaning industry. We care for your health and we make everything possible to preserve it!

Pre-Treatment Cleaning Products and Detergents

Trafficlean – one of the most effective stain pre-treatment biodegradable product, green in colour and minty in smell. Very suitable for oily stains, as well as tough old and stubborn spots.

Multi Pro – specially tailored for the dirtiest carpet and rug high traffic areas, this is a blue-coloured cleaning detergent for oily and old spots.

Products and Detergents for Spot Treatment

Red Rx – a classical Prochem detergent that specializes in all red spots: including organic spots, food and drink, juice dirt.

Stain Pro – specially tailored for tough and industrial grime, this product is typical for its water base and for its protein ingredients that can eliminate stubborn human-made spots like body fluids, blood and urine. Though, it is efficient enough to combat food and drink stains, as well.

Rust Removal – as its name says it, this cleaning detergents fights the rust spots from any surface.

Solvall Spotter – the most effective dry solvent that is suitable for mostly all common spot types.

Solvex – we apply it for tough stains like ink, nail polish and building paint.

Citrus gel – specially tailored to eliminate grease.

Coffee Stain Remover – as its name says it, this product is the best coffee stain remover, but it also eliminates beer, tannin, tea, water mark and coffee spots.

Bad Odour Removers

We use deodorizers and specially tailored products to neutralize the nasty smells.

Lemon Refresh – fully natural and 100% risk-free, it is a great organic deodorizer for fresh environment with zero risk for your healthy living space.

Odour Neutraliser – traditional and effective bad odour remover.

Detergents for Steam Cleaning Procedures

Liquid defoamer – applied with a cleaning detergent to eliminate the “too foaming” effect.

Crystal Green – shampooing feature, Prochem nature and anionic base. Very reliable for deep carpet cleaning.

Double Clean – double effect comes from its powder ingredients and its efficiency in deep carpet cleaning is marvellous.

Preventive Detergents

Scotchgard Protector for carpets and rugs – leaves and extra invisible firm to protect the surface from stains, dirt and grime after cleaning is made.

Cleaning Tools and Machinery

SEFAN Ltd. applies only modern, certified and officially well-recognized cleaning equipment composed of the following tools and devices:

  • Extension cords
  • Carpet wand
  • Carpet pile brushes
  • Plastic covers
  • Foils and plastic bags
  • Overshoes 

Dry Cleaning Machinery

Hot-water Extractors

Do not hesitate to give us a call on 020 3746 4253 and to ask for more additional and detailed information about our cleaning equipment! We are available for your calls!