Professional Window Cleaning Services in the UK

Window Cleaning Services London SEFAN Ltd.SEFAN Ltd. is a professional window cleaning service provider for the entire United Kingdom region, with availability in the entire United Kingdom. For an efficient, hassle free and spotless window cleaning, call SEFAN Ltd. anytime you need a clearer vision of the outside world. With us you get:

  • Full window treatment
  • Reach of 4 stories in height
  • No chemicals cleaning
  • Affordable rates
  • Short notice booking

All you need to do is give us a call and we can come and help you with your window cleaning problems. Contact us at 020 3746 4253 and get a professional’s help on your windows, showcases, bay windows, conservatories and even gutters.

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Outside Window Cleaning

Using a water fed pole we can reach all sides of the window, cleaning the window sill, its frame and the glass itself. The usage of detergents and soapy water can promote the resoling of the window quicker as soapy surfaces tend to attract a lot more dirt. Soap and detergents need to be rinsed out before the job is done or they will cause a faster, more consistent dirt attraction. This takes time and resources, making it an inefficient way of cleaning windows. We don’t use ladders but rather rely on a telescopic water-fed pole which can reach quite up high.

All of our crews are equipped with a static system that feeds out of the truck. A water purification system distills tap water making it a lot lighter and absorbent. Window sills and frames are more likely to get damaged by chemicals or mineral residues, this is why purify our water. The water fed pole feeds directly from the purification system in our truck, allowing for a consistent result each time, no rinsing required. The water is free from any chemicals, additives or minerals that would otherwise be found in the tap. This allows it to gather any impurities once in contact with them. The method is effective against greasy residues, highly accumulate dirt on windows, roadside showcases and even conservatory roofs. We have the capacity to clean normal windows, double sized windows, sash windows, small and big bay windows, small and double windows, skylights, garden doors, greeneries and so much more.

Our Professional Window Cleaning Service

You can book the service for the weekend and bank holiday window cleaning. We do not work with deposits or have hidden fees. Calling us does not oblige you to book us, though, there is a small call out fee as the service is based on a per-window cleaning basis. We are equipped with a special pole that can reach up to 4 stories high, meaning that we can clean for commercial and domestic clients.

Saving Time and Money With SEFAN Ltd.

Window Cleaning Services London SEFAN Ltd.Aside from expert window cleaning in the United Kingdom, we also provide an array of other treatments related to window cleaning. We can constantly clean patios, driveways, gutters, remove rubbish and refuse and even garden for you, all of this within the SEFAN Ltd. system. Get all of your outside cleaning needs met by the SEFAN Ltd. experts and enjoy your special offer. You will receive up to 20% discount on your booking price.

Booking Professional Window Cleaning in the UK

Waste no more time, get professional window cleaning for your home or office and save time and money. Contact us either by phone by dialling 020 3746 4253, or use the booking form located on the website. We can immediately address any of your concerns, free of charge.