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For spotless and stain free carpets and rugs in the United Kingdom, call for SEFAN Ltd. professional deep fiber cleaning service. We work hard to get the dirt out and keep your carpets and rugs safe, no leftover marks or stains, all of it done with natural, toxin-free detergents. If you’d like to experience efficiency and professionalism, call us and also enjoy:

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Safe Carpet and Rug Cleaning in the UK by SEFAN Ltd.

We are working with a lot of different materials and fiber types on both rugs and carpets. In order to stay competitive we’ve made an effort to expertly clean all of them, including wool, silk, cotton, Kashmir, sisal, sued, vinyl, synthetic and natural fibers, plush, chenille, linen, viscose, acrylic, leather and a lot more.

Dry rug and carpet cleaning

To accommodate the needs of natural materials like silk and sued we also have a dry, gentle solution for hard to remove stains. We treat those stains as we would any other, however, we use a foam mixture or a dry compound to draw out any impurities found in the fibers of the carpets and rugs. The foam is applied using a special machine which agitates the fibers so they receive the cleaning mixture better. The dry substance is applied with a brush to embed it into the fibers a lot quicker. Both are left to react with the filth in the fibers then are drawn out with a strong vacuum machine and along with them any gunk and grime. There is no drying nor is there any chance of damage on even the gentlest of materials.

Rug and carpet steam cleaning

Carpet and Rug Cleaning Services London SEFAN Ltd.In order to keep synthetic and woolen carpet and rugs in check, spotless and dirt free even from heavy soiling, we use a steam jet method. This hot water extraction technique utilizes a narrow nozzle attachment which focuses a hot blast of steam infused with a detergent. Due to the high dirty cutting ability of this treatment, it is recommended for the use on synthetic and woolen materials which can withstand the treatment.

As an initial response we inspect the carpets and rugs to determine the right course of action. If the stain or heavy foot traffic marks are old, we pre-treat those areas with a solvent which allows us to better remove them afterwards. A hoover is used to remove any debris and disturb the fibers, then we treat the stains and after a 5 minute wait go over with the wet vacuum. It blasts the spot with steam while simultaneously removing any dirt particles using a strong negative pressure system. It draws 95% of the moisture leaving no gunk or grime behind, but some moisture that will dry within 3 hours.

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